What are the Types and Uses of Vacuum Truck NZ?


Vacuum trucks are one of the most innovative vehicles that are used to crush, gather, and transport dirt and other trash. Their fundamental layout consists of a truck with a sizable collection tank connected to a suction line. When there is pressure inside the tank, materials can be sucked in by the vacuum to finish tasks like removing debris from roads. Due to its functionality and usage, this truck is highly in demand. Let’s read about the usage and types of vacuum truck NZ in detail.

Types of vacuum trucks

There are two different types of vacuum trucks available for carrying out diverse tasks:

1. Hydro excavator truck

2. Dry vacuum truck

What is the use of a vacuum truck?

There are several uses of a vacuum truck. Some of them are:

1.Sewer and septic tank maintenance

Septic tanks and sewers accumulate waste over time, some of which can become viscous and challenging to collect if left unattended over extended periods of time. Additionally, waste can block sewer lines and stop an area’s sewage flow. Here a vacuum truck is used. It helps in breaking down the heavy layers of garbage by combining with water for simple evacuation.

The tanks and pipelines are hosed down to remove as much residue as possible after being thoroughly cleaned. The collected sewage trash is subsequently transported by trucks to treatment facilities, leaving behind clean pipelines and tanks.

 2.Underground installations and repairs

Hydro excavator vacuum trucks are frequently used to clear land so that holes may be dug for underground maintenance work. Vacuum trucks offer a practical approach to reach the subsurface networks that power much of our daily infrastructure.

3.Excavation of large areas of land

Hydro excavation trucks can swiftly and effectively remove soil from these regions for construction tasks like breaking ground and creating the foundation for homes and other buildings. When breaking ground in an area where there are already underground pipelines or wires that you need to work carefully around, vacuum trucks are very helpful.

4.Removal of debris

You can have a lot of extra debris after doing significant gardening or building work. You can use a dry vacuum truck to get rid of any last bits of trash to make sure the area is completely clean.

Debris removal is essential following major storms or other weather-related incidents. Emergency relief for roads and buildings severely damaged by flooding or the effects of violent winds and rain can be provided with the help of hoover trucks.

5.Collecting the hazardous materials

Many vacuum trucks are made to transport and collect dangerous materials without endangering the environment. For the majority of communities, improved tank security is important while collecting and transporting normal sewage waste. Vacuum trucks, however, can also help with the removal of other dangerous materials.


Vacuum trucks are the right answer if you’re looking for carrying out any of the above tasks. If you need a vacuum truck in NZ that can operate safely, neatly, and efficiently, then get in touch with Shacmantruck. They have a wide range available at an affordable price.