SHACMAN X3000 New Zealand Launch


Recently, SHACMAN X3000 was launched in Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand. A total of 40 people attended the ceremony, including transportation officials of New Zealand, local key customers and news media.

At the ceremony, Weir Wang, general manager of customer company, introduced the development history and business scope of SHACMAN to the guests at first. Secondly, Weir Wang mainly introduced the model and configuration of SHACMAN trucks, which matched with Cummins 440 HP engine, EATON AMT transmission and HANDE axle, and also matched lane departure warning system, tire pressure monitoring system, EBS + ESC and other active safety devices. The vehicle has the advantages of high efficiency, economy, comfort, safety and intelligence, which greatly meets the requirements of the New Zealand market demand and customer preferences.

Finally, Weir Wang said that he would further explore customer demand, and make full use of “SHACMAN Telematics” vehicle networking system to analyze vehicle operation, such as fuel consumption, economic speed, driving habits, so as to continuously optimize the product configuration and introduce more excellent products for customers.

The successful launch ceremony of X3000 indicates that SHACMAN has officially entered New Zealand high-end market. In the future, SHACMAN will booming in this beautiful island country in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, creating greater value for local customers.