Get the best tipper truck for sale from Shacman Truck!


A tipper truck is a type of vehicle that is used for transporting heavy goods. This vehicle is also known as HGV and features a tipper body on its rear side. Commonly, this truck is also known as a dump truck and used on construction sites to ensure quick, efficient, and safe completion of the work. This vehicle’s job is to lift and transport different types of loose building materials like grain, asphalt, gravel, dirt, aggregate, sand, wood chips, and more. It can carry these items in bulk quantities and drop at the worksite efficiently. If you are looking for a durable tipper truck for sale then look no further than Shacman Truck. They are offering the best-in-class truck for multiple usages. Let’s read about this amazing tipper truck in detail. 


What’s so amazing about the tipper truck by Shacman Truck? 


Shacman Truck is one of the eminent providers of the most durable vehicles that are designed for carrying out the work in the most efficient manner. They have launched the X3000 series, which is a part of their 46 years of technological innovation but a latest invention with exclusive features. This is considered as the most efficient tipper truck for logistical transportation. What differentiates this giant from others? 


  1. It has outstanding power and fuel economy. 
  2. It features a spacious and comfortable interior. 
  3. It is induced with the best and excellent safety features. 
  4. It has exclusive features like low fuel consumption, high efficiency, intelligent integration, four-point airbag shock absorption, grammer air seat, double seal and other noise reduction design.


So, SHACMAN X3000 TIPPER TRUCK is the most exclusive one in the market to efficiently carry out the task of construction logistics. You can get tipper trucks for sale in NZ only from Shacman. 


Dive deeper into the specifications of the Shacman X3000 tipper truck! 


Some of the exclusive specifications that make Shacman tipper truck one of the best choices are: 


  1. It offers an operational power of 324KW(440HP) /1900rmp. 
  2. The maximum torque value of the truck is  2500N.m/1100-1300rpm(440HP). 
  3. It features a dual-circuit and compressed air brake.
  4. The power steering of the truck features an integral inner circulation. 
  5. The highest speed of the truck is 110km/h and the economic speed is 60-80 km/h. 
  6. It is available with a medium cab, electronically controlled automatic constant temperature air conditioner, air suspended driver seat with seatbelts, 4-point air suspension cabin, electric windows, and central locking with remote control. 
  7. The durable and tough body of the truck is made using high-grade material such as Sweden SSAB Steel – Hardox Body. 


So, investing in this tipper truck will be highly advantageous for you. You can also get this tipper trucks for sale in NZ only at Shacman Truck. 


Wrapping Up 


Getting a Shacman tipper truck will be a great and valuable investment for you. You can easily avail tipper trucks for sale from Shacman Truck at a very affordable price.