5 Things to Keep In Mind before buying concrete mixer for sale in NZ


A concrete or cement mixer is a machine that is used for homogeneously mixing cement, sand or gravel, and water to make concrete mixture that is further used for construction purposes. If you are looking for a concrete mixer for sale in NZ then check out different online websites. To get the best concrete mixture, you would need a durable and extremely functional concrete mixer machine. A typical mixer makes use of a revolving drum in which all the components are put to get a perfect concrete mixture as a result. If you want to invest in a concrete mixer then keep in mind a few things before buying it. 

5 Things to keep in mind before buying a concrete mixer

A concrete mixer consists of a rotating tank, tipping handle, dump wheel, motor, and a diesel or petrol engine. It features a rigid frame but the tank can be tilted to take out a homogeneous mix of materials for the purpose of construction. These days, you can also get different motor options like petrol/diesel, electric or hydraulic. The typical purpose of a concrete mixer is to prepare concrete for the construction sites. You should check for these factors before buying a concrete mixer for sale in NZ. 

  • Value-for-money investment 

Make sure that the equipment you are buying will pay off your investment amount. Before buying, calculate this for how many times you are going to use it. Also, check whether renting it is resolving your issue or not. You can also invest in light-weight mixers if your usage is not frequent. 

  • Size of the mixer 

The size of the mixer is dependent upon the size and frequency of the task you are carrying out. Also, you need to consider the size of the drum before buying it. Before buying it, make sure to check in what type of projects you are going to use it. There are many variations available right from mini mixers to industrial-sized variations. It is very important to match the size of the mixer with the size of the job to ensure efficiency of your work. 

  • Power Supply 

There is a choice of opting different types of power supply. You can choose electric, petrol, diesel, and even hydraulic-powered engines. The choice of power supply depends on where you are going to use the machine. So, buy concrete mixer in NZ after selecting the best power supply option. 

  • New or second hand

If you have a tight budget then it is better to invest in a second-hand machine. It is highly important to check the financial stability of your business before investing in a concrete machine. You can check the age of the mixer before buying it. Do check the condition first if you are getting an old one. 

  • Easy to start 

Buy a mixer that is easy to start and convenient to use as it is a long-term investment. The starting mechanism directly impacts the durability of the machine. Thus, buy it wisely. You can choose between electric, winding, and pull-cord start options. 

So, buy concrete mixer in NZ after analysing all these factors. The apt concrete mixer will help in increasing the work efficiency so it is important to choose the machine wisely.