What is a 6 Wheel Tipper Truck and What are Its Advantages?


A tipper truck is used on the construction sites to transport heavy goods. This is why this truck is also known as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). It features a tipper body at its back and is usually called dump trucks. These trucks are widely used in the construction domain as they help in completing the projects in the fastest manner and with high-level of efficiency and safety. There are different types of tipper trucks available and one such popular truck is a 6 wheel tipper truck. This type is widely known because of its features like excellent power and high fuel economy. It usually features spacious and comfortable interiors along with intelligent design.

X3000 6×4 Tipper Truck

What are the advantages of a 6 wheel tipper truck?

The job of this truck is to lift and transport the loose building materials including grain, dirt, gravel, snow, samd, wood chips, asphalt, construction aggregate, and various others in bulk quantities to the construction site. Other than this, there are numerous advantages of tipper trucks.

1. Easily lift heavy goods: One of the most amazing benefits of a 6 wheel tipper truck is that it can easily and efficiently handle the heavy goods. Thus, it saves the effort of manpower.

2. Accumulate heavy goods directly on worksite: The best feature of these tipper trucks is that it helps in driving your materials directly to the construction site and unloading everything itself.

3.  Excellent manoeuvrability: Even if the cargo is super heavy, the tipper truck is capable of transporting and offering an accurate unloading process. You can get these dump trucks for sale in NZ by searching different online sites.

4. Affordable: This is the most affordable option for anyone as hiring a tipper truck costs less than hiring too many people for handling the work of lifting, carrying, and depositing the heavy materials from one place to another.

5. Different types of tipper options: There are diverse types of tipper options available and the size ranges from 26 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes. You can find the perfect size tipper truck for any job. The 6 wheel tipper truck is one such great option.


Things to check before using a tipper truck:

1. You need to check the hose of the truck that connects the cylinder with the hydraulic system.

2. Do check the quick release couplings while inspecting the truck.

3. Make sure to check the brackets.

4. Make sure that the pivot points and tightening bolts are lubricated that helps in fixing the brackets into place.

5. Do check the cylinder pressure before buying a tipper truck.

6. Do check the oil levels of the hydraulic system and make sure that it should be between the two gauges so that it ensures proper and full cylinder extension.

So, a lot of people hire tipper trucks to complete their construction projects as they are helpful in quickly distributing the bulky construction materials around the worksite. Get the most efficient 6 wheel tipper truck for your construction purpose.